BearPaw Geological Services

 Summary of Services


1.  Computerized Mud Logging Trailers equipped with iBall Instruments, LLC   Bloodhound™, IR Total Gas and Gas Chromatography system.

2.  Technician prepares daily mud logs, correlation logs, reports and is present on a 24-hour basis as the hole dictates.

3.  Continuous automated monitoring of gases coming from the well bore displayed on all of the rig electronic data recorder screens.

4.  Lithological interpretations and fluoroscopic examination of well cuttings.

5.  Digital photographs of samples.

6.  Well-site Information Transfer Standard (WITS) Compliant.

7.  Updated mud logs and drilling/geological reports e-mailed daily or can be downloaded from our web site.

8.  All units equipped with satellite internet connections and voice over IP phone connections.

9.  Texaco Quantitative Gas Measurement.

10. Experienced office staff examines information, transfer it to mud log format, and e-mails the updated mud log to you as requested.

11. Experienced technician can be present at specified depths for sample examination, to pick casing points, supervise drill stem test, and supervise electric logs.

12. Clients can view “zones-of-interest” as they are being drilled.

Terms of Services  


A logging day is defined as the 24-hour period between midnight and midnight or any portion of that 24-hour period.  A logging day will commerce on the day the customer requests our personnel to arrive and will continue until logging services commence.

A customer requesting our services be placed on “Stand-By” should provide our company a notice of intent and notify us at least 12 hours prior to the expected resumption of those services.

A stand- by day is defined as a 24-hour period or consecutive 24-hour periods.

POWER:   It is customary for the customer to furnish all electrical, power, water, and sewer.  If the any of the services are not available, they will be billed to the customer at our cost.

ACCESS TO LOCATION:   It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain conditions to gain access to and from location.  If it is necessary to acquire a bulldozer or other special equipment the arrangement of such and all expenses entailed will be the customer’s obligation.